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Has Arden Place of Grapevine had any residents or staff test positive for Covid-19?
As of 4/20/20, none of our residents, staff or management have reported any positive Covid-19 test results.

What procedures has Arden Place of Grapevine instituted in response to COVID-19?
We are currently meeting all state and federal guidelines for infection prevention, and have done so since March 13th, the day that President Trump declared the National State of Emergency. All staff members wear masks each shift, along with other Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves, gowns, face shields and of course hand sanitizer. Our staff is screened daily; if any staff member shows any symptoms, they are sent home immediately. Visitors have been restricted to essential personnel only, and all of them (e.g., employees, health care providers, required visitors and necessary vendors) are screened at the entrance to the facility, in accordance with state and federal guidelines. Only essential employees and vital health care providers are allowed in patient care areas. All residents are screened twice per day, including vital signs assessed by licensed staff. Communal dining programs are suspended. Activities have been limited to small groups that can adhere to social distancing guidance. Public and patient care areas are regularly disinfected with approved EPA disinfectant listed on EPA List N.

How can community members find out more or offer to help?
Please contact ‘info@ardenplaceofgrapevine.com’ with any questions or if you are wondering how you can help. We also appreciate all of the support, prayers and words of encouragement which have given the leadership and staff at Arden Place of Grapevine the strength to fight this hideous disease. We ask that you follow our Facebook page to see our daily activities and updates.

Social distancing does not just mean that we are apart, it is also providing an opportunity to connect in ways that may have been overlooked before. Here are other ways you can reach out:
•Write a postcard and/or letter to your loved one(s) frequently
•Write a postcard to our staff (Housekeeping, Dietary, Therapy, and Nursing) – our heroes would love to hear from you!
•Take advantage of the Skype/FaceTime video or telephone calls
•Have a window seat conversation
•We are encouraging families and friends to visit residents by standing in view but outside the front doors and/or windows and using a phone or tablet to talk.
•Continue to practice social distancing and proper hand hygiene.

It is important to remember that we, as Texans, are strong people: our Spirit is Unbridled! The COVID-19 Pandemic will not last forever, but the bonds that we are making will. Thank you for all that you do support us and your loved ones!! If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out by emailing info@ardenplaceofgrapevine.com.