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Resident of the Month: Mr. Joe D.

We here at Arden Place of Grapevine are always eager to spotlight a resident in our community and this month the residents and staff have chosen Mr. Joe D. One of the reasons he was chosen was because Joe spends a good majority of his free time playing the piano or his guitar and singing for the enjoyment of the other residents.

Joe says that his father began teaching him how to play the guitar when he was about twelve years old. He states he’s always liked music and has never been shy about playing in front of anyone. Joe has had quite the journey over the years during his musical pursuits. “I hurt my neck and shoulder and lost feeling in two fingers and thumb, so I had to relearn how to play the guitar without being able to feel the strings.”

When he was 24 Joe began to play at his church and for years after that he would get together with his friends to play at several establishments including nursing homes. He would never charge for his visits to the nursing home, in his words he would do it “to make the people happy. You never know who you’re touching, and how you’re touching, when you’re singing.” He told us that he’s had many people come up to him and tell him that he’s changed their lives for the better or that his music has touched their hearts.

He’s been playing music for 55 years and says “I enjoy playing and as long as I can play, I’ll keep playing.”