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Sept. 20-26 is National Rehab Awareness Week

Every year, during the third full week of September, we celebrate National Rehab Awareness Week and we’re not normally one to toot our own horns but we have the BEST therapy team in the business. This week, we recognize the outstanding services provided by rehabilitation professionals as well as celebrate the effort our team provides as they impact lives through service to others. We’d like you to meet our team of rock stars who we will be showing our love and appreciation for that week:

Stacy, Physical Therapist Assistant and Director of Rehab, not only an amazing therapist but also our fearless leader and manager of making all things run smoothly in our therapy department.

Kenny, Physical Therapist Assistant, he’s got the charm, charisma and the knowledge to get our residents motivated to participate and moving toward their goals. 

Krishna, Physical Therapist, an incredible PT that knows her stuff as she peels back the layers of each resident as a person and helps them discover the goals they need to help design their best possible plan of care.

Carrie, Occupational Therapist, a super skilled OT that can help you build upper body strength while getting your hair trimmed, work your fine motor skills as she assists you while grilling up a steak.

Tony, Occupational Therapist Assistant, not only does his job incredibly well but will also take the time to help out staff and residents alike with anything from translating to getting TVs up and running. 

Maureen, Occupational Therapist Assistant, no task is too small or too big for this COTA extraordinaire as she goes above and beyond for her residents, using various methods to get residents to *want* to participate in therapy.

Amy, Speech Language Pathologist, cute enough to make you stutter and skilled enough to fix it, she has the biggest heart for her residents and wants the best outcomes for them. 

Front L-R: Maureen, Stacy, Amy. Back L-R: Carrie, Tony, Kenny, Krishna